Counselling Appointments and Referrals

Counselling appointments

To make an appointment, or to inquire about fees etc., simply phone or e-mail me.

For an appointment :

Phone: 0439 549 481
e-mail: click here


If you wish to claim the Medicare (Better Access) rebate for your counselling sessions, you will need a referral (Mental Health Treatment Plan) from your doctor (GP or Psychiatrist) before your first appointment with me.


If you are a GP or a psychiatrist wanting to refer someone, please e-mail or post me the referral (Mental Health Treatment Plan), and either you or your client can phone to book an appointment.

Postal address for Mental Health Treatment Plans:

PO BOX 5445
East Victoria Park WA 6981

For anyone else wishing to refer a client to me, you or your client can simply phone or e-mail me.